Science, Not Silence.

As you may know, I am a biology major at a college in Boston and will be beginning my senior year come septemeber, so you can imagine that since Lawn Fawn’s Out of This World stamp set came out, I have been over the moon. I love that they have science stamp sets, it truly makes me happy because I believe that science is such an important aspect in everyday life. Today I would like to show you several cards that I have recently made with the stampset! I have already shared one with you all back a few weeks, but I keep coming up with more ideas, so please enjoy! (Warning: THERES ALOT!)

Light Up, Interactive Space Scene:

For this card, I knew I wanted it to be interactive, so I first began with making the rocket move underneath the moon! But then I wanted it to light up as well, so I added chibitronics blue light under my green ringed planet/ I thought the blue light would compliment the colors of the galaxy well.


To Add the light, I had to use 3 layers of foam tape! This is certainly not a card that you want to send in the mail, but since its so cute, the extra postage my be worth it to get it to someone special! IMG_0504.JPG.jpegIMG_0502.JPG-1.jpeg

Space Themed Thank You Card:

I recently got glasses, and my aunt dropped her plans to come help me pick out the least ridiculous frame possible, so a thank you card was needed, I loved pairing this sentiment from altenews “Hello Sunshine” stamp set with the planet and astronaut. I chose light purple, and grey copics to complment the background. My auntie really made my world brighter that day, especially because I can see now!


One Was Not Enough:

One card was not enough, so I made 3! All of the cards are interactive spinner cards where the Earth or the rocketship is able to rotate around.


Thanks for Joining me to just look at what I’ve created, more instructive posts are soon to come as the semester ends in a week, for now thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed!

xx Melanie



Tangent: – Below you will find just a little backstory to why I love science so much. Its really given me more confidence than anything to know what I am on the path to a right career.

As you may know, I am a biology major moving into my senior year at my college in Boston, science is very important to me, and should be very important to you! In my 3 years that I have now almost completed (T minus 2 weeks left) I have learned that chemistry can tell you the amount of  lead in water, and YOU can make something that removes the lead in a natural and safe way, and that biology, immunology, microbiology, physicals, calculus, anatomy and much more are needed to keep us alive, and keep new inventions and discoveries alive as well. So I continue, I have done research in a lab, and have seen first hand that even though it is difficult, it is so necessary and proves to you that you can make anything.

That semester, when I performed research in an organic chemistry lab, my team and I created a polymer with assistance from our amazing professor, and we took that polymer to the drawing board where we created a way for it to remove lead from contaminated lead water. Science is the answer, not silence, so I leave you with that small saying that has a large and powerful meaning. A group of four 19 year old students were inches away from solving a water filtration, public health issue with an inexpensive polymer they made. Do not even allow someone to silence your thoughts or opinions, they are all valid.


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