Organization For A Small Space

Hi everyone, Melanie here, and today I wanted to show you a little of how i store my supplies! This is going to be a rather quick little post, but I wanted to share what ive been doing, whats working, and whats not working for me!

Copic Markers:

My copic markers are currently hanging in storage containers that I purchased at Ikea recently. I used to have a more rounded container from ikea which hung from the same rod, but there was less space in each so i chose to switch. I also have the set of spectrum noir markers which i have in a small plastic 5 drawer container.

Copic Marker Storage

The second image shows storage just a little bit more zoomed out, i also keep my zig real brush markers in the same container. Here you can see my spectrum noir and copic charts. I find it helpful to have it directly above my creating station.

Copic and Zig

Distress Ink Cubes:

I have my mini distress inks in a storage container that my mom got from work. It was used in a beauty display for one of the companies she distrubutes for. She thought I would use it for nail polish, but I thought that mini cubes would fit even better, and they do! each blending sponge for the colors are behind the cube.

Mini Distress Ink


My 11 by 8.5″ paper is stored in a file rack, i organized it in rainbow order, and 6 by 6 pads i have are stored in a metal basket by theme/holiday/color family. All of my 12 by 12 packs are in a 13 by 13 cube similar to those available from stamp n storage.

Paper Storage


I keep almost all of my embellishments in plastic containers, where I then label them according to whats inside. A large amount of these items are used rarely so I keep them in a unit from Ikea which has 8 large squares in a 4 by 2 pattern. This unit also holds my minc machine and misc items.


I like being able to see through the containers to know what is inside, but i also do not like that i can see inside because i feel like it looks messy in certain situations, but as time goes on, im hoping to get more Alex drawers so everything can go behind a closed door.


I keep all of my sequins in these small 2 by 3″ bags that i purchased at AcMoore and Michaels. They’re very inexpensive, and handy to have around.


Stamps & Dies:

This storage unit is also from a display from one of the companies my mothers company distrubutes, it hooks into a peg board which i currently am not using. I keep all of my Stamps and dies in one of these containers in individually labeled pouches. The dividers are plastic folders that I had from school last semester and no longer could use for class. I cut them to be 5.5 by 6.5″, labeled them and placed infront of the cooresponding brand.

Stamps And Dies
Stamps And Dies

I keep all of my stamp sets in these plastic cellophane pouches that I purchased at my local craft store, they’re thin plastic, but very inexpensive, and I have only had to replace one in the last year. The only downside is that there is no closure to the top of the bags to tuck in, but very few of the contents has fallen out.

I have a second storage container which is identical to what I use for stamps that I have all of my envelopes and pre-bought card bases, as my stamp collection grows however, I will switch the envelopes to a different area on my desk, and continue my stamp and die storage in the way described above.

Stamps And Dies

All coordinating dies are kept in the same pouch as the stamp set, I bought magnetic vent covers at Home Depot and cut them to fit the dies and adhere it to the white cardstock i put in the pouch with my stamp. The sheets come in a 3 pack for around $4, and is worth every cent, since it keeps my dies from falling out of the package since there is no closure to the top.

I use my label maker for almost every thing in my room, stamps, dies, drawers, it comes in really handy and is a great investment to make when organizing not only your room for crafting, but your entire house.

Stamps And Dies

Thank you for taking the time to look at how I store some of my items in my craft space, since i do not have a separate craft room, I use the back corner of my bedroom, these storage options work for my small area, and i hope they may work for yours if you are in the same situation!



Thanks again, xox Melanie!

Follow me on Instagram @melamay1 and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or would like to see more of how I organize my supplies!



4 thoughts on “Organization For A Small Space

      1. Small spaces make you really think about storage though! I’m lucky that I can use a spare bedroom for my ‘craft room’ but it’s still a small space! I do like how you’re storing your pens, I’m definitely gonna have to keep an eye out for something like that when I head up to Ikea soon!


  1. I get so jealous when I see people with crafting space, and so organised! I craft on my living room floor, and my precious stash is crammed in corners wherever it fits; I have tried to create logic within the chaos but it doesn’t work because of the complete lack of space and the madness really upsets my little ocd brain x


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